Hauptseite Long-term Exchange student Short-term

In order to apply for a long-term room, you must be enrolled at a university in Karlsruhe, have at least a letter of admission, or be a student at another university completing an internship or thesis in Karlsruhe. In order to meet the application deadline, the certificate can also be submitted later.

Likewise, there is an obligation to rent a long-term room for at least 6 months.

Rooms for exchange students are assigned March 1st, April 1st, and September 1st and October 1st, respectively. Contracts must last until the end of February, March, August or September and be 5 to 13 months long.

The rooms are located in HaDiKo, Insterburg and HFK.

All unoccupied rooms of the Hadiko are rented out on a monthly basis to everyone in need.
Only after all other application processes have finished will the number of available rooms be known. Thus, the allocation will take place around the 20th of the month for the following month. Due to premature termination of contracts from other residents the number of available rooms can change spontaneously which makes applications at the very end of the month feasible. Even for the current month, applications are welcome since residents might move out early.

The application is prioritized depending on the application date following the "First come, first serve" order. It is not essential to be enrolled at a Karlsruhe university but students are chosen over non-student applicants. Situations of particular hardship can also affect your chances. Your situation can be described in the box "notes" at the very bottom.

For October and November the Hadiko is usually completely booked due the start of the new semester. Thus, the chances for success are very slim in this period.

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Choose the room types you want to apply for (multiple selection allowed):

HaDiKo K1-5,
Insterburg, HFK

209€ - 268€ 210,50€ - 288€ 229€ - 288€ 109m2 - 13.5m2
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared kitchen
  • 13-15 rooms per hall
  • Sink in most rooms
  • Furnished rooms
September 2022

Schroff-Kolleg (K6)

360€ 380€ 380€ 15.6m2* (2.7m2 bathroom included)
  • Own bathroom
  • Shared kitchen
  • 13-16 rooms per hall
  • New building
  • Furnished rooms
* 2.7m2 bathroom included

Please note: Unfortunately, we currently have no or only a very limited number of rooms available in our new building, the Schroff-Kolleg (K6). So the chances of getting a room there are very slim.

If you get a room, we will guarantee you a room of a type you selected. But this also means, that you may not get a room, if there are no rooms available of the selected type.

You can tell us more specific wishes later, once you have been guaranteed a room. We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill any of these wishes, but we will try our best.

Certificate of enrollment or letter of admission from a university or college (from Karlsruhe) Proof of an exchange program at a university in Karlsruhe
A casual not-too-short(!) cover letter from which people can tell what type of person you are.
A curriculum vitae in tabular form
One or more recent photos of you
e.g. certificate of a thesis or an internship in Karlsruhe, if you are not enrolled in Karlsruhe.